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Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990 - 2010



Turning the corner
The Government of Canada's new plan to regulate both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from industrial emitters
28.04.07, © Government of Canada

Canada Plans to Boost Environment, Ignore Kyoto
The Canadian government, under fire for dismissing the Kyoto protocol as unworkable, will next month unveil an environmental package that focuses on improving air quality, but says little about global warming, officials and activists say.
08.09.06, © Reuters

Canada grows cool on climate treaty
Canada’s minority Conservative government has signalled a waning commitment to the Kyoto protocol on climate change, on the grounds that the treaty does not include some of the world’s heaviest polluters.
22.05.06, ©

"Canada Ratifies Kyoto Protocol"
17.12.02, © The Guardian

"Kyoto's economic opportunities"
16.12.02, © National Post


Climate Change - Impacts and Adaptation
The Government of Canada's Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program provides funding for research and activities to improve our knowledge of Canada’s vulnerability to climate change, to better assess the risks and benefits posed by climate change and to build the foundation upon which appropriate decisions on adaptation can be made. The Program also facilitates interaction between stakeholders and researchers through support of the Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN).

Report: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective
provides a review of the recent Canadian impacts and adaptation research (post-1997) and also highlights results from research funded by the Impacts and Adaptation component of the Climate Change Action Fund. The report provides information on various sectors such as water resources, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, coastal zone and health, as well as general information on impacts and adaptation, advances in research techniques and the remaining knowledge gaps.
Sector-specific chapters will be posted on this web site over the next few months. The final report will be available early in 2003.

Canadas National Climate Change Process Web Site

Natural Ressources Canada
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is a recognized leader in energy efficiency; renewable energy; environmentally friendly technologies; forest management; and scientific assessment, monitoring and adaptation planning. In each of these areas, NRCan activities related to climate change have helped to lay the foundation for a national strategy to address climate change.

Canadian Climate Change Ressources and links



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