Regional Climate Modeling and Impact Assessment



Neue Ergebnisse zu regionalen Klimaänderungen: Das statistische Regionalisierungsmodell WETTREG
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ETHZ, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
The group Climate and Water Cycle led by Prof. Christoph Schär, is concerned with atmospheric and hydrological processes relevant to weather and climate on the scale of the European continent and the Alps. The group maintains a regional climate model, several atmospheric and hydrological models, and a comprehensive data set of Alpine precipitation.

MPI-M, Arbeitsgruppe Regionale Klimamodellierung
Max-Planck-Institute für Metereologie

ICTP, Physics of Weather and Climate
Regional Climate Modeling and Simulation

Met Office, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

Danish Meteorological Institute

CIRA, The Center for Integrated Regional Assessment
CIRA at the Pennsylvania State University was founded in 1996 to facilitate interdisciplinary research and education in the Human Dimensions of Global Change at the regional level of study

The Regional climate and climate change studies have two main foci: 1) Use of RegCM for regional climate simulation over different areas of interest; 2) Regional scale analysis of General Circulation Model (GCM) performance and climate change simulations. In addition, strategies are developed for coupling regional models of climate system components, i.e. regional atmosphere, ocean/sea ice, chemistry and land biosphere/hydrology, and applying such coupled models to climate change studies.

The Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington
The Climate Impacts Group was created in 1995 on the basis of a contract with the Office of Global Programs (OGP) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It is the first of the Regional Integrated Scientific Assessment (RISA) Program's evaluations of the impacts of climate variability and climate change on specific regions of the United States.

MEDIS, Centre for Environmental Research
University of Münster
The Mediterranean region is one of the most sensitive areas in the EU regarding sustainable water use. The availability of water in sufficient quantities and adequate quality represents a significant problem.
MEDIS aims to give assistance in solving these problems and find solutions to this situation following a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, involving a major team of scientists, experts and stakeholders who know the Mediterranean problems and who partly live there.

ACIA, Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
ACIA is an international project of the Arctic Council and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), to evaluate and synthesize knowledge on climate variability, climate change, and increased ultraviolet radiation and their consequences.

Regional Integrated Models at the PIK-Potsdam

The UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP)
Set up by the Government in April 1997, UKCIP aims to co-ordinate and integrate an assessment of the impacts of climate change at a regional and national level that is led by stakeholders.

REGIS: Regional Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts in the North West and East Anglia

REGIS Summary (pdf)

The SWECLIM regional climate modeling program
The aim of SWECLIM is to develop regional climate models which can be used to project climate scenarios for Sweden and the Nordic countries over a time period of 20-100 years in the future.


ReLoClim - Regional and Local Climate Modeling and Analysis Research Group
UniGraz, WegCenter

BOKU, Institut für Meteorologie


Related International Projects

PRUDENCE - Prediction of Regional scenarios and Uncertainties for Defining EuropeaN Climate change risks and Effects

ENSEMBLES - Providing ensemble-based predictions of climate changes and their impacts

NARCCAP - North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program

STARDEX - Statistical and Regional dynamical Downscaling of Extremes for European regions

CLAVIER - Climate Change and Variability. Impact on Central and Eastern Europe

CECILIA - Central and Eastern Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment

Related Austrian Projects

reclip:more - Research for Climate Protection: Model Run Evaluation





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